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Inside the market projects of the Swedish Winter Sport Research Centre

What´s up

Thinking differently is always up in the Internet of Sports project!
We might use the names that are familiar, but the way we are wired, how we think and work – and how we structure our projects – is different, faster and driven by the future.
By the future?
Yes, if you watch the society, markets and the demand, cross techniques that have never been integrated with each other and try to do what has not been done….then we call it “futuristic drive”.

That´s us.
Present today, listening to demand – with the drive of the future.

The project is continuously building networks within regional and international decision makers and key organizations. We co-operate and intensively supports Östersunds Kommuns initiative to create the arena-village around the stadium, where we are also involved in the discussions regarding the new digital platform.


We scan markets on a regular basis to secure to stay among the best within demand driven science, not only regionally, but also international. The project has – today – attracted 36 companies and organizations to participate in different forms, and we are looking forward to many more.

We have 7 cases, going on 9 in the pipe.

3 cases with the alpine, cross country and biathlon ski teams – sensor technology, real time tracking.
1 case with snowboard.
1 case – sensor technology camping equipment.
1 case – digitizing functions for rollerblades and skates.
1 case – developing a new “faster” helmet through new technology.
2 cases incoming.

Every case we take has never been done before – if we scan the world market and find it, it is not our case as we work to strengthen the regional competitiveness. We do NEW.

The past week our office at Åre has been blown out to give space to an anti-doping section in the alpine World Cup Final the 14-18 th of March. The project is not involved in the arrangement but we are providing a spin bike for the successful US skier Lindsey Vonn. For the next opportunity, World Championships 2019 in Åre and Östersund, we hope to make a difference for the Swedish skiers with the cases we are working on.

Matej_Supej (1)

Staffing and mentality
On February 25 th, our new performance engineer, Alessandro Galloppini, arrived from Italy, he will be the first one with this title in Sweden. The hiring process was pretty interesting as we constantly heard from experts that our ad was too broad and that we were looking for two people in one – so yes, we created the super engineer that we wanted, a new standard that we can call no less than “performance engineer”. In this picture the open and driven “no fear” mentality is a ground brick. It took a hard look in Sweden and around the world, but we found him – in Italy.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: “It does not matter where you are coming from, it matters where you are going.”

Who are we looking for right now?

Two students with open minds that would like to perform their projects within our snow board case. It will not hurt if you are a bit brave or open to it, as we do not operate within frames.
1. First student: Visual analysis, characterization from video. No tech skills required.
2. Second student: Analysis with data (preferably a thesis).
Contact us immediately – that means yesterday – if you would like to know more about the case.

gm och allesandor

Coming soon!
The English project blog Science & hexagons opens April 1st – here the whole project crew can answer your questions, and we will of course blog and let you know what we are doing.

You can already check us out on the web:
(ENG)—home-of-internet-of-sports/…or come and chill at:


We are still building our presence in social media, and anyone who likes what we do can join and be a part of it.

Demand driven science

What is this?
In the project we say it is to use science to fill needs or create needs, no matter if it is within elite sports, social challenges such as health or to make companies grow so that they can put more people to work.
Internet of Sports focuses on both elite and exercise, and most importantly – we are creating a model to move science to market faster, but it is just as important to have a plan for what happens after – long term. This is why we strongly support the regional system for innovation, that is based on campus.

What´s in it for me?
If I am a scientist, why are market projects so important?

Scientists that intentionally work to create growth is not “growing on trees” and often takes investments. It is much more common to pick up something of your own interest and – of course – sometimes you can be lucky and find a need for it, but several times it stays on the paper.
The more interested you are in funding your science with potentially more money than the amounts you normally apply for – the more you, or your adviser, have to understand how demand driven science works, because this is the science of the future.


Your science will have to fit in with the needs outside, and also with regional and EU-strategies – then this can be a winner! Any science centre that builds a long term market strategy will be among the best in the future. An important part of this strategy is also how to handle and build a mentality of the future.
Every leader in such organization is measured by how he/ she handles the immaterial values of the future, such as mentality and branding.

EU-funded projects come in many shapes and forms, but the most common is that for every penny or working hour you invest, you receive the same amount in contribution. It is very smart to use the work that you are planning to do, create a project around it and “win” the equal amount in money contribution. You can indeed be very smart about how you rig a few larger projects and a few smaller ones around it.

Talk soon 🙂

Centre of Health Innovation – Home of Internet of Sports
We do demand driven science to create regional growth and address social challenges.


Running March 2017 – June 2020.

Funded by SWRC/ Mid Sweden University, Östersunds Kommun and the European Regional Development Fund.

Scope by Department of Growth: To create a platform of demand driven science that serves the growth of the region and strengthen the corporate competitiveness

Contact: Market strategist and project manager Kee Bergman, email: kee at

R&D international leader: Professor HC Holmberg

Case manager: Professor Matej Supej

Senior supervisor: Docent Marko Laaksonen

Core scientists:
Associate Professor Matthias Gilgien, Doctor Benedikt Fasel, Performance Engineer Alessandro Galloppini.
Guest team may vary.

Hospitality industry and social media: Gunmarie Persson, email: gm119sweden at

For more on the project, goals and activities – get in touch with us!
Welcome to visit in Åre!


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